Summary Of Marketing The Millennial By Suzy Menkes

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In her essay “Marketing the Millennial”, Suzy Menkes states that finding a way to reach the millennial is the focus of every smart luxury and fashion brand. The millennial, which were born linked to the world of social media, have different mind sets compared to those of the older generations; therefore ignore the advertisements that are constantly around them. Menkes suggests that to catch their attention, companies need to market through social networks. Since the millennial are so embedded in the digital world, marketing through social networks should be a reasonable solution to catching their attention. Menkes starts her piece by giving the reader an image of how advertisements are currently being shown in media by describing a hair spray commercial. She then goes on to describe a website,, which was created to give a luxury experience online that offered interesting content for the people who are embedded into the digital culture. She asserts that since the millennial are now the target of many fashion companies, they need to find a way to catch their attention since they have different mind-sets and are savvy consumers. She interviews Robert Pole, president and chief executive of Gucci Group, which stated, “We think a lot about the mind-set of the consumers—what are the youngsters doing, does it differ country by country, region by region—we need a deep understanding because this is crucial for the future.”(Menkes 497) He refers to the Pew Research Center that explores the behaviors, opinions, and values of …show more content…

(Menkes 497) Because of the fact that this generation is so embedded in social networks, they are well-informed,

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