Summary Of Missoula By Jon Krakauer

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Rape is something that many warn us about and tell us to be careful about. What many do not realize is that it can happen in a matter of seconds and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Often it happens, but people find it difficult to report it because of the person who committed the crime, this was the case in the book Missoula by Jon Krakauer. The book begins with a woman, Allison Huguet, who was raped by a member of the football team in the University of Montana, Beau Donaldson. This case was not the first incident to happen in this city and the author does a great job in letting his readers be aware and know it has happened before. This city is known for their loyalty to the football team and the privileges that are given to some …show more content…

Allison was at a house party that Beau was hosting, she had a little too much to drink, so she fell asleep on the couch. She later woke up to her pants down and Beau at the end raping her. “She assumed that if he was willing to rape her while she was sleeping, he wouldn’t hesitate to harm her severely in order to keep her from resisting or calling for help.” This fear enters victims when they believe that there is nothing else that they can do it make the offending stop. We often see this type of rape happen at parties where people have had too much to drink and are intoxicated to the point of no recognition. This type is the most common type that is not reported right after it happened because of the status of the person who did the rape or because of other types of fear. In this case, Beau was a football player for the University and he seemed untouchable because of the praise they received. Something we see that Allison did well was that she went to get a rape kit right after the incident happened, so they were able to prove that rape did in fact …show more content…

While in court, a lot of information on Jordan was withheld because of the extent of his behavior. Everyone knew very well that had that information been revealed in the courtroom, the outcome of the case would have been completely different. This also is seen with Kelsey Belnap who claimed that six football players gang-raped her. She was not able to bring charges to them because of the one against six version of the story. In situations like these, women are unable to come forward with their claims because they do not think that there is any truth behind their claim. There are times where these athletes are being protected by the universities to protect their reputation and the school name out of the news. This leads victims to suffer from anxiety and other problems because they keep this to themselves and are unable to tell others the trauma that they endured. Allison was struggling with this trauma for a while, but she had a couple of people who supported her through her fight with justice. There was a specific point in the reading where she and her mother met with Beau and could get a confession from him and get him to recognize what he did and apologize for

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