Summary Of No Face By Junot Diaz

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In the short story “No Face” by Junot Diaz, the main protagonist, No Face, embodies the stereotypical view that we all have of superheroes--people with superpowers out of this world--and nurtures this trait through his own fantasy and uniqueness of his daily life. In the very beginning, No Face “pulls on his mask”, shielding his entire face from view, as he “grinds his fist into his palm.” It’s almost as if he wants to see the world through a different view, rather than an average one. It’s just like he’s trying to seem like someone else. This is similar to how a superhero is; nowadays, we can link super heroes to people who wear masks because they have to hide their identities. However, why does No Face have to ‘hide’ his identity for..? As we follow a snippet of No Face’s daily life, we see him running across town “using his power of INVISIBILITY” to brush away the yells from the townspeople he …show more content…

No later than that, we see him calling on his “STRENGTH” while he pushes away a crowd of bullies who take time out of their days to wreak havoc on his day. No Face even goes as far as making “the fat boy fly off of him.” From all of this, it’s quite easy to say that No Face is used to these kinds of schemes. Just like how superheroes have to be (arch-enemies and all). Who are the people who walk among us, but never seen? Who are the people who are constantly called into the heat of battle? Who are the people who call on their strength to ‘save the day from the villains?’ Heroes, and that's’ exactly what No Face is doing at that point. And now, for the final punch, when No Face’s brother, Pesao, asks him, “Where have you been?” No Face turned and replied, “I’ve been fighting evil.” A superhero fights evil, no matter how big or how small, and in No Face’s case he’s facing the harshness of his

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