Summary Of Percy Jackson's 'Camp Half-Blood'

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Percy Jackson is a twelve year old who always gets in trouble. He goes to a boarding school and his only family is his mom and his stepdad who hates him. His best friend in school is Grover. While on a field trip, Percy's math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, starts acting strange. She leads him to a separate part of the museum, and suddenly she transform into some kind of monster with wings. Then Percy's favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner, gives Percy a sword to kill the monster. Percy thinks he just imagined everything that happened, and continues his day. Later on in the school year, Percy overhears about Mr. Brunner and Grover talking about keeping Percy alive. Percy then leaves his school, and on his way back to New York he asks Grover about the conversation. …show more content…

When he arrives in New York, his mom strangely takes him on vacation. Grover comes with them, and he reveals that he is satyr to Percy. Suddenly a monster attacks them, destroys the car, and makes Percy's mom vanish before Percy kills it. He and Grover escape and discover a camp. It is called "Camp Half-Blood" and is for demigods. Percy finds out he is actually a demigod, meaning his father was a god. Percy does not yet know who his father is. Later, while playing a game of Capture the Flag, Percy is injured and goes in a nearby river. All of a sudden he is healed, and he is "claimed" by Poseidon(meaning he is Percy's dad). Percy then finds out there is a war brewing between his dad and Zeus(another god). Zeus thinks Poseidon stole Zeus' favorite possession, and know the gods think the Percy was part of the plan to steal it. Percy then goes to see an oracle who issues him a quest. He must travel to the underworld to retrieve the stolen item. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth(a girl he met) then set out on a quest to retrieve the bolt. On the way they fight many monsters and other evil

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