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With Auden the language and impedimenta of his own time were absorbed into his poetry at a deeper level, as it were, than was the case with any other poet of the thirties. The modern symbols and analogies do not shine out of his poems like great, glowing jewels; on the contrary, they seem an integral part of his poems. There appears to be no discrepancy and no barrier between his poems and the world in which he lives. Thus he can write a sonnet, like the one from which the opening lines are quoted: A shilling life will give you all the facts: How father beat him, how he ran away, What were the struggles with his youth, what acts Made him the greatest figure of his day: Of how he fought , fished, hunted, worked all night, Though giddy, climbed new mountains; named a sea: Some of the last researchers even write Love made him weep his pints like you and me. (Auden 44 ) In this poem there is an immense sense of psychology and psychiatry which was shared by some of the best of the thirties poets but which had its most dominating influence on the thought and poetry of Auden. Father with a capital Fin this sonnet is a reference to the “father – figure,” one of the most important ideas in the psychological theories of Freud. The idea is wholly integrated with the rest of the poem and does not stick out as an interruption. The Poetry of the 1940s: World War II was a watershed in

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