Summary Of The Farming Of Bones By Edwidge Danticat

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The Farming of Bones “Edwidge Danticat was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She was born into a poor family.” (Antell,1) when she was eight years old, her parents moved from Haiti to New York, leaving her and her brother behind to stay with her uncle and aunt. It wasn’t until Edwidge was 12 when she moved to New York to be with their parents. Danticat’s book The Farming of Bones, is similar to her real relationships, culture, the nightmares of her parents, journeys and conflicts.

Danticat's family was broken for a while, her mom and dad left to move to Haiti and establish a new home. For 8 years Edwidge lived in haiti with her aunt and uncle. After she moved to New York, danticat felt alone and outcasted because of where she came from. “Her teen years were difficult, she was very shy and felt like an outcast.” (Antell, 2) In addition, Danticat viewed her parents as strangers, the relationship between them was forgotten. “Playing with my shadow made me, an only child, feel less alone.” (Danticat, 4) In the book, The Farming of Bones, Amabelle the main character explains how her shadow kept her company which could symbol as Edwidge being lonely as a child when her parents left in real life. Edwidge was abused …show more content…

“...The one I have all the time about my parents drowning.” (Danticat 1) Her parents dying in the book relate to how the author’s parents left her when they moved to New York from Haiti to start a new life due to the oppression of haitians. “They differ in appearance.” (Danticat 11) In the book valencia gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The birth shows have even being twins that have different skin tones, which represents the country's division between haitians and dominican republic. “The country was divided and if you were haitian, you had a slim chance of surviving.” (John

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