Summary Of The Mustache By Robert Cormier

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The Mustache The Moustache by Robert Cormier is set in a teen point of view of his struggles of having a moustache. Mike's mom doesn’t like his moustache since it shows a dark pass that he will soon discover. He visits his grandma who has arteriosclerosis which is causing her memory loss. When Mike goes to visit her he soon finds out that she doesn’t see her grandson, she sees her husband who died 30 years ago. Mike makes the decision to carry on as his grandfather. In The Moustache it was right for Mike to act like his grandfather to give his grandmother closure. To begin with, Mike's grandma felt guilty for the accusation that she told her husband 40 years ago, " But you know Mike, looking back, I think you were right,"(pg.5) this shows that she was wrong about the accusation she told to her husband and realized later on in her life without him. After that she further on says, "But the other night, Mike. The terrible one. The terrible accusation I made," "Later, I learned that you were telling the truth all the time, Mike. That I'd been wrong..." (pg.5) She felt guilty and after all those years she finally realized it. As shown above this shows that Mike's grandma needed closure from her guilt that she kept. …show more content…

My poor, poor grandmother. Old people aren't supposed to have those kinds of memories,"(pg.5) he then comes to realization that he should forgive as his "grandfather" to give his grandmother closure. "Say you forgive me, Mike. I've waited all these years...." "Say 'I forgive you Meg.' " I said it. My voice sounded funny, as if I were talking in a huge tunnel. " I forgive you, Meg." For the first time in my life, I saw love at work." (pg.5) This showed that it was a good idea to act like his grandfather because his grandmother was finally

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