Summary Of The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander is a book outlining and analysing the social constructs of the United States of America through the context of mechanics of the judicial system. It compares and contrasts the slavery, old Jim Crow law and post Jim Crow law eras in the means to highlight the racial discrimination against the Black and Brown community by the White elite. The author explores the court cases and legislation passed by the government to implement a national system geared to favor the White community and its effects on the imagery that has developed in the American mind set. Michelle Alexander is among many things an African-American woman. She is lawyer who represented in the Civil Rights era. Michelle, also played an influential …show more content…

The original settlers were europeans, indentured servants, Black and White, and free Africans. Through the time and the establishment of the slavery in America, there has also been the establishment of a caste system that effects us to this day. The Black and Brown communities have been victims of the White supremacist agenda keeping them from social and economic advancement through an evolving legal system controlled by the “elite planters of the day.” The White supremacist agenda has evolved with a growing consensus of White superiority and the inferiority of everyone of color. The author uses the social climate and court hearings to validate her …show more content…

The Jim Crow laws were regressive imposing rules close to the slave laws. It reneged upon its promises made in the constitution furthering the caste system that had been in place. Michelle tells a story about Nathaniel Bacon who gathered slaves, poor whites, and indentured servants in an attempt for a land grab that had been owned by Native Americans. The elite planters held the monopoly on the grants given to in cases such as these. The denial of such grants forced the protest and attacks by Bacon against the elite planters. Instances like this caused the elite to generate propaganda against the cooperation between the lower class Whites and Blacks. Amongst other things it gave a “atleast I’m not Black” mentality adding to the negative projection of the Black man and

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