Summary Of The Nine By Jeffey Toobin

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The Nine by Jeffey Toobin is a book that gives readers an inside look at the Supreme Court. It talks about the people involved with the Supreme Court, and their impact on the laws of the United States. Toobin begins his book with a prologue that talks about how the architecture of the Supreme Court building is significant. The building has a set of stairs that symbolize the Supreme Court as separate and above the others. Also, the prologue talks about swing justices. Swing justices are those who did not always vote the same way. Their decisions determined most votes. Furthermore, the prologue tells readers that the conservative party has seemed to gain the upper hand in the Supreme Court. Burger ran a quite liberal court, and the Rehnquist …show more content…

During this time, several students of Yale Law School organized their right wing ideas into the Federalist Party. This party was focused on right wing ideas. Several of the members of this party received jobs under Ronald Reagan, and some were appointed into the Supreme Court. These new Federalist judges believed the constitutional law should be restored. This restoration of the constitution was referred to as originalism. Originalism was based of off the idea that the Constitution had be be interpreted based of off the original meaning of the text. Bork and Scalia led a movement in Originalism, and they were also appointed into the Supreme Court. Furthermore, George H.W. Bush appointed Souter and Thomas. With the induction Bork, Scalia, Souter, and Thomas, the Republicans eventually had eight members of the supreme …show more content…

In 1994, Judge Blackmun resigned, and Clinton began another search for a new Supreme Court Justice. Breyer was considered a candidate, and had even more support than before. However, Clinton was not focused on Breyer. Clinton was looking at Richard Arnold, a federal appeals court judge. However, Arnold was severely ill, and Clinton did not want to loose him too early. After the doctor confirmed that Arnold was in fact very ill, Clinton decided to take another look at Breyer. There was no controversy around Breyer, and he was a likable man. Also, Breyer respected the idea of government. Clinton respected this view, and appointed Breyer to the court. Breyer’s first major case was United States v. Lopez. This case was created to potentially eliminate weapons around schools. This case brought the idea of a strong government to the floor. This case was brought up by the Federalist Society, who had started a new movement called the Constitution in Exile. United States v. Lopez concerned weaponry around schools, and interstate commerce regulations. Breyer wanted to regulate the amount of guns near schools. However, the court voted down the Gun Free School Zones

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