Summary: The Lewis And Clark Journey Begins

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In the year 1807, Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on an expedition with a group of men. Specifically, the goal was to discover new waterways and routes near the Pacific ocean and to uncover new finds in the West. Along the way, the group of men was later joined by a woman named Sacagawea and her family. In general, the group ended up finding new Indian tribes, the Rockies, and over 300 new types of species. In the “ The Lewis and Clark Journey Begins”, from National Geographic, the article summarizes the dangerous and rough expedition Lewis and Clark took with a group of men in order to find new discoveries. During the month of May 1804, the beginning leg of the expedition summarizes the relationship struggle between the …show more content…

Louis by March 1806. On the journey back home, Lewis and Clark took the Columbus river, but faced harassment from the Chinookan Indians. At this point, going around the Great Falls seemed to be a problem. The men constantly had to return to the Nez Perce tribe for assistance, because the Americans could not get around the mountains and were, again, starving. The article “The Lewis and Clark Journey Begins” said, “On June 30 they reached Traveler's Rest, where Lewis and Clark decided to part ways in order to explore more of the Louisiana Territory” (Leg 18). After going separate ways, Lewis’ group only faced mild controversy with the Indian Tribe, Blackfeet, but was fine overall. As for Clarks’ group, the men had their horses stolen from the Crow clan, but eventually met up again with Lewis and his men. After returning Sacagawea and her family to their home, the men made it back to safety at St. Louis to end the expedition, which took a total of two years, four months, and ten days. From the information stated above, Lewis and Clark’s journey was an accomplishment even if the group of men faced many

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