Missouri River Essays

  • Why Did The Donner Party Get Stuck In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

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    Why did the Donner Party get stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? In April of 1846 90 emigrants led by Jacob and George Donner left Springfield Illinois in hopes of using a quicker, shorter route to Oregon. The party took the regular trail up to Ft. Bridger, Wyoming. There they were supposed to meet a trail guide, Lansford Hastings, to take them but he was gone, leading another party along the mountains. There was a note for the Donner’s to follow a trail to Weber Canyon, Hasting claimed it was

  • The Oregon Trail Book Report

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    Trail” is a novel that was published in 1849. In this novel, it describes the journey that the author (Francis Parkman) took across The Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail is a route to the Northwest that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon. It crossed through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon. There was originally a lot more to this book, but the author had to take some of the information out because it was too rough for the public to read. Francis Parkman

  • National History Day Analysis

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    Corps of Discovery) began preparing for the trip shortly after in St. Louis, Missouri. Jefferson’s purpose for commissioning the expedition was to find a water route from the Mississippi River which connected to the Columbia River, which would in turn connect to the Pacific Ocean. This would allow Jefferson access to port markets outside of the Gulf of Mexico and access to eastern cities along the coast of the Ohio River. His secondary objectives were to map the area and provide information about

  • What Is The Difference Between Lewis And Clark

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    expedition spanned over 8,000 miles in a three year period. They took the Corps of Discovery, which was the name of the expedition party, down the Ohio River, then up the Missouri River, across the Continental Divide, down the Columbus River and to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark along with their expedition began their journey near St. Louis, Missouri in May 1804. Throughout this journey the Corps of Discovery suffered nearly every obstacle one could think of. They dealt with harsh weather, horrible

  • Relationship Between Lewis And Clark

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    help accomplish the journey they 've been requested to take. Having each of their strengths combined they needed a crew to make the trek successful. Lewis wondered through the deep thicket of the uncharted land when Clark fixed his eyes across the rivers and rich earth untouched lands mapping every thing he could imagine. The two strong men together were unstoppable, their attributes combined to make a good strong management for the other men to look up to in times of trouble or solitude. Lewis

  • Themes Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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    Introduction F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American novelist, managed to write a novel which has decisively influenced the view of people about the American society in the 1920's. This novel, which was published in 1925, is called The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald's novel mostly deals with status, power, wealth as the concepts of the American Dream at the beginning of the 20th century. The author provides the reader with a deep insight into the American society as well as the aristocracy and the false beliefs

  • Kerri Morgan Case Study

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    Demographic Kerri Morgan is a forty-three-year-old woman who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Kerri was born in New York, and at a young age her family relocated to St. Louis. St. Louis is unique, for the reason that it has the Special School system. Upon arrival, Kerri’s parents fought hard to have her attend a mainstream school. In the end, her parents won the battle and Kerri attended a mainstream school throughout her primary and secondary education. After high school, Kerri traveled away to college

  • Jack's Influence On Lord Of The Flies

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    Lord of the Flies Jack represents being power hungry and disobedient for the incorrect reasons In the book Lord of the flies, there are several things that connect the earth right now and human expertise. In the book most of the boys go through a phase that they never went through before, through out the book they're going through a "animal-like" phase that I feel the reader does not expect from them. I decided a decision} to concentrate on Jack because I believe that he was a lot more animal-like

  • Argumentative Essay On Fight Club

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    Fight Club Argumentative Essay In a decade where emasculation was an issue for many males, Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club attempted to address the problem. In the novel, a group named Fight Club (which later evolved into Project Mayhem) tried to give men the feeling of power that they were so desperately lacking for many years. Fight Club was a group created by the narrator to help restore the feeling of masculinity and power to men, which prepared them for Project Mayhem by allowing them to

  • Swot Analysis Of Bass Pro Shop

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    Summary Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World aims to help people actualize their dreams of an outdoor adventure. Bass Pro Shops is many things; it is a museum, an aquarium, an art gallery, an antique shop, a conservation and education center and most importantly a destination retailer. Bass Pro Shops is the leading retailer of outdoor gear and has more then 1 million visitors a year. Industry retailers agree that Bass Pro Shops is a master marketer when it comes to destination retailers. Destination retailers

  • Analysis Of Goodbye Lenin

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    oodbye Lenin!, set in East Berlin during the crash of the Berlin Wall opens up the eyes of viewers to the harships endured in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, which was governed by communist rule. It focuses on the life of Alexander Beyer, a young man from East Berlin. This essay will address the images of Germany, the Germans and the “Germanness” the film presents and the relevance of these images to the present day viewer. The historical context of Goodbye Lenin is the prevailing

  • Essay On My Ideal American Dream

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    expensive school to get into if I don’t have good enough test scores for somethings, especially scholarships. If my Mizzou dream fails, I hope to attend Missouri State- Springfield or Missouri Southern State University. Maybe I’ll even follow in my parents, sister, and aunt and uncle’s footsteps and attend college in Cape Girardeau at Southeast Missouri State University. It will be a long path. Who knows, in the future I might even change my mind, but right now I am passionate about what I plan to do

  • Theme Of Heroism In Huckleberry Finn

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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is thoroughly saturated by heroism through the literary characters, Huckleberry Finn and Jim. Huckleberry Finn’s hero's journey can be summarized with three key components: the call to adventure, the abyss, and the transformation. The call to adventure is when a character receives whether, internally or externally, an invitation for an adventure. The abyss is the complete downfall of the hero; this event is critical because it shows the hero’s humanity

  • Case Study Of Snead's Dry Cleaning Company

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    Snead’s strategy development plan and financial analysis Snead’s dry cleaning has been successfully operating near downtown Washington, DC for the past thirty years under the sole proprietorship of Sheldon’s uncle. The company provides dry cleaning service to both men and women clothing and has successfully built a great customer base. The company offers two service transaction options to its customers. The service transaction is handled by credit cards and cash payment at the point of picking up

  • Personal Narrative: My Blues Vs. Blackhawks Program

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    I do not remember my first time watching a televised hockey game or my first time going to watch the Blues at Scottrade Center, but I do know that I was hooked. My dad used to to purchase three tickets from a lady at his work to one Blues game a year. She was a season ticket holder and every season she upgraded her seats one row closer to the ice. When I went to my first game, where we sat, who St. Louis played against, or who won are all beyond my recollection, nevertheless I know that whatever

  • Social Injustice In Fences

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    In the play Fences, August Wilson follows the struggle of a family that deals with injustice and racial segregation that creates a hardship that leads to a personal lack of self-esteem and uncontrollable circumstances. Troy, forced his family to deal with his struggles of past life experience. Troy was a hardworking man who did his best to provide for his family. Rose explained this to Cory, "Your daddy wanted you to be everything he wasn't...and everything he was...he meant to do more good than

  • Siddhartha Analysis

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    place to place, inferring that he shifts space yet never finds meaning in life. But when he accepts life as a ferryman on the river, he remains static in one place and finally finds meaning to his life. The use of different locales to show the different stages of space shifting in Siddhartha’s life are portrayed in the film. Conrad Rooks shows the life of Siddhartha by the river, in the forest, as a businessman, as a lover of Kamala, and finally as a ferryman. In each setting, the time progresses ahead

  • Essay On Causes Of Flood In Malaysia

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    such as: 2.8.1 Continuous Rain Continuous rain without stopping can cause flooding. In low areas, rain water will flow into the river. River filled with water will overflow causing lowland area are flooded. 2.8.2 Urbanization Urbanization led many areas becomes more modernized. Lowland areas have been reclaimed by taking land from the hills. There are also small rivers that filled up to be used as a building site. Activities such as these are a common factor of flooding. In the past, creeks and

  • Peter Skene Ogden: Trapper And Mountain Man

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    made leader of the Snake River Expeditions by John Mcloughlin. He also was instructed to continue the British policy of creating a “fur desert”. Ogden with a brigade of 131, pushed south from flathead house toward Utah in December 1824. He was also with the British and also with a small group of Americans which was directed by Jedidiah Smith, in April they reached the Bear River, where two outfits parted company. After that Ogden kept continuing south along the Bear River to cub creek in percent cache

  • Short Story Analysis

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    In the short account we are acquainted with a family taking their hebdomadal end of the week trek to their cabin in the wide open. For the most bit. the story takes topographic point at the home itself. also, here we get a decent infiltration into the family's. what's more, especially Martha's. life. The subjects in this account are old versus new standards and customs partner to sexual orientation parts inside marriage and society. From the get bringing down the third individual storyteller acquaints