What Is The Difference Between Lewis And Clark

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Meriwether Lewis was an American explorer who led the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the American interior of the Pacific. He did this with the company of William Clark. The Lewis and Clark expedition spanned over 8,000 miles in a three year period. They took the Corps of Discovery, which was the name of the expedition party, down the Ohio River, then up the Missouri River, across the Continental Divide, down the Columbus River and to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark along with their expedition began their journey near St. Louis, Missouri in May 1804. Throughout this journey the Corps of Discovery suffered nearly every obstacle one could think of. They dealt with harsh weather, horrible waters, along with injury, hunger, fatigue and sickness. Throughout their journey Lewis and Clark encountered many plants and animals which they recorded in their own journals. They also were provided with supplies by the Mandan’s and got two new members through their journey. These two new members were Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau. They…show more content…
I have always heard about the expedition of Lewis and Clark and read what they did in history books, but I had never read their own accounts of what they were going through. This book was very insightful and helped me better understand the circumstances and conditions they were in throughout this journey of theirs. I would definitely recommend it to my readers because it gives a more accurate standing of what occurred throughout this expedition. It is more detailed than most of all historical accounts of Lewis and Clark and also helps a person understand what they were thinking. I would use this as an educator to show children what really happened. Reading journals, someone’s own writing of what they are doing or going through, helps people understand better. It also helps students realize that it was real and isn’t just something people created over time to be

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