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Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, on October 10, 1969. He was the second of four boys, and he grew up in the wilds of bayou country. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his three brothers. In school, Brett, like his siblings, showed a passion and talent for baseball and football. Favre seemed to be a better baseball player, as Brett took a spot in the starting rotation for Hancock North Central in the eighth grade. As the son of a tough-nosed football coach, Favre demonstrated a gift in this other sport as well. Big and strong, Brett, who was coached by his father in high school, played quarterback throughout his years at Hancock North Central. Favre’s talent drew little notice or praise from college scouts. Favre chose the University …show more content…

As a college player, Brett packed a toughness his teammates easily admired, with a propensity for late-game heroics. Favre also set several school records. Brett graduated with a teaching degree with an emphasis in special education from the University.
In the 1991 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons chose the young quarterback with the thirty-second overall selection. Brett Favre was involved in a serious car accident which nearly threatened to cut short his career. However, Favre recovered and returned to the sport he loved so much.

Brett Favre took just a few snaps for the Falcons his rookie year. Throughout the year, the franchise was at odds over what the future held for Favre and so, when the Packers offered the club a first-round pick for the backup quarterback, the team took the deal. On November 15, 1992, the Packers were playing the Philadelphia Eagles. It was a freezing Sunday. The Eagles were a hard team. The Packers were not very cocky. Brett Favre was just an inexperienced sophomore backup thrown into the starting role by an injury to Green Bay’s starting quarterback, Don Majkowski. The Eagles enjoyed nothing more than feasting on untested quarterbacks. But, when the clock ran down …show more content…

He returned to Mississippi. Brett Favre finished with NFL records in passing (71,838) and touchdowns (508),which had previously been held by Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins. Favre was hired as an assistant football coach at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 2012. Brett was asked by the Saint Louis Rams to return to the NFL the following October, but he declined their offer. Brett admitted to the media around this time that he was suffering from some memory loss, which he attributed in part to the many injuries he sustained during his Pro Football Career. One of the greatest players in Green Bay’s storied history, Brett was set, to be honored by his old team with induction into the Packers Hall of Fame and a number retirement ceremony in

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