Super Bowl Argumentative Essay

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In this year’s Super Bowl, we are all probably talking about the final touchdo-----no, were talking about the commercials that were played throughout the game because, who cares about the actual game itself. Most people watch the Super Bowl because of the commercials and the Half-Time show. We all know that the commercials are the best part! But, without further ado, let’s talk about 2 of the best commercials that were played through the Super Bowl LI. The first commercial that I am going to talk about is the Netflix commercial. At first, you see two kids fighting over an Eggo waffle. Then, in the background, you hear someone scream “Eleven!” This commercial is to promote the second season of Stranger Things, which comes out on Halloween. As we all…show more content…
The console can be removed from the docking station and becomes a portable tablet-computer. The most noticeable thing about the Switch is the Joy-Con controllers. They look like little colorful bricks that aren’t heavy. Anyways, the commercial is to promote the Switch and they paid $5,000,000 for a 30-second commercial! The commercial talks about the different ways the Switch can be used. As the whole world knows, Nintendo is a company that makes gaming systems, most known for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U, etc. The company was founded on September 23rd, 1889 and is still in business! All of the commercials in the Super Bowl this year were all great but, I picked two of my favorites and also 2 of the top commercials that played during the game. Other commercials that played that were pretty funny was Avocados From Mexico. The commercial was about (include what it was about). The commercial was 30 seconds long and the business paid $5,000,000 just to have a time slot in the Super Bowl! Avocados From Mexico is a company that imports avocados from Mexico (huh, who would have thought). The company started in 2013 but, they have been importing avocados since
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