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The short story "Brownies"(1999) by ZZ (Zuwena) Packer, takes place at a summer camp (Camp Crescendo) close to the south rural areas of Atlanta, Georgia. An arrangement is created when the African American Brownie troop learns and trusts that one of the fourth-graders from the white troop insulted them with a deprecatory racial slur. They proceed to challenge the white troop to a fight inside a bathroom only to learn a valuable lesson. The central idea of “Brownies” is that racism is not confined just to adults; it can also be found in young children. The two main literacy elements are language using irony and conflict. The first literary element that is important to the story and helps support the central idea is language by use of irony. …show more content…

The conflict that encompasses the whole story is the one of racism. Arrnetta and the other young ladies in Laurels troop wanted to fight troop 909 since they have called one of their young ladies a nigger. As everybody realizes that word is one of the greatest insults anyone can offer, and to state it like it was nothing indicated, Arenetta, believed that they could escape with anything and she needed to demonstrate otherwise. Another case of racism is the way both Laurel and alternate young ladies in her troop portrayed the young ladies from troop 909 both previously, then after the fact the occurrence in the restroom. Prior to the occurrence they would dependably allude to their skin color and because they were white they thought they were above other people. After the occurrence in the restroom Laurels troop was distraught that they needed to go to a camp with young ladies that were simple-minded, and that they were just sufficient to be with young ladies like that. At long last when Laurel was talking about her father, and the account of the Mennonites came up; “only time he’d have a white man on his knees doing something for a black man for free” (1095). Here the storyteller talks about a period she recollects when a white lady, a Mennonite, did some work for her dad. With wonder, she understands that Arnetta-the young lady that was egging the others into harming the white young ladies was entirely unjustifiable the entire time and in addition she has. Awful, harsh individuals can come in all hues and

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