Suspense In The Short Story 'Gore'

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In the short story, “Gore” suspense was devised by dialogue, supernatural characteristics, and revulsion. Dialogues in the short story by Amy such as, “Hey, hold it, you can’t do that. Get out of here. Help!” (Ellis 5) “Lucas, I mean it. Let me in. Please. Those faces. They’re not… aagh.” (Ellis 5) Plus, “Lucas, break the window. Get out. For pity’s sake, don’t come out here.” (Ellis 7) Builds suspense in the story because in all these dialogues compel the reader to ponder what the three strangers are going to do to Amy, these dialogues make the reader consider if those three strangers really are human, and makes them reflect on whether if everything that happened to Amy was real. Supernatural characteristics like the foul smell coming from
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