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Suzanne Collins was born August 10, 1962. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut. During her childhood she moved around, to places such as New York City, and Brussels. Their family ended up living in Alabama so Suzanne could go to highschool and graduate from Alabama School of Arts. She then went on to earn a master 's degree in dramatic writing from New York University. Suzanne was the youngest of four children. Her father, Michael Collins was an Air Force officer. He is married to Suzanne’s mother Jane Collins. Suzanne had two older sisters and one older brother. Suzanne is now married to Charles Pryor. Since they have been married they have had two children.
After college Suzanne went on to work on television, she wrote several children’s programs, such as Clarissa Explains It All and Little Bear. Soon after that her work have gotten notice and she was hired head writer of the children 's Program Generation O. Collin’s that was persuaded in writing her own books. …show more content…

Suzanne Collins is a well known American writer. She is mostly known for her books ‘The Underland Chronicles’ and the Hunger Games Trilogy. She has received many awards for her books such as The Teen Choice Award for Choice Book in 2012, The Goodreads Choice Awards for Favorite book in 2010, The Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite book in 2013, and several other awards. The Hunger Games Trilogy has sold more than 50 million prints and electronic copies. Some interesting facts i found about Suzanne Collins is that she is the top Kindle author in history. Her books the Hunger Games Trilogy all have been turned into movies. She wrote the hunger games based on for parents to talk to their children about war. She thought it may decrease war if children learned about it at a young age, and understood

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