Why Is Sweatshop Labour Wrong

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Sweatshop Labor is wrong but sadly there is no human way to stop this in a relatively near future. Just like the Kant’s Ethics of Duty Theory. It’s said that ‘act so that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an end and never as a means only’. Corporations and politicians are trying to convince the public that the only hope for economic survival lies in accepting the spread of sweatshop conditions. Corporations and politicians in Mexico, as well as other countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh or the Philippines, are not willing to improve their Labor Standards and are not willing to demand these companies to establish better working conditions. We can't simply get rid of sweatshop labour, but what we …show more content…

Nike pays unfair wages is not right actually, because the Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics Theory said that ‘It is impossible to live with human dignity without being a developed moral being. Morality is not a luxury that one can choose to have or not to have. It is a pre-condition for a life with human dignity.’ (Abdullah and Mohamad ZainolAbidin, 2011). The theory recognizes the need for one to emulate virtues such as honesty, courage, self-control and respect and the people who compromise morality are degrading them. Nike Company must be honest and pays the wages fairly to the workers. With low payment it becomes not fair to the workers who work hard every day. The others are freedom of association and excessive overtime among others method to address the problem. Nike said it is moving more of its production to factories that meet a core set of standards. A Nike spokesman did not immediately respond to a question about why Nike didn't disclose information about factory wages in the new report. Nike has only disclosed that information once, in a similar report released in 2001. At the time, some critics claim to challenge Nike for paying more than the minimum wage in each country it did business. It's been said that Nike has single-handedly lowered the human rights standards for the sole purpose of maximizing profits and Nike products have become synonymous with slave wages, forced overtime, and arbitrary abuse. One columnist said, "Nike represents not only …show more content…

Over the past year, the working conditions in the factories making NIKE products have been popular in news and others media. We think it’s good that our business is scrutinized, as we can learn to be a better company from those who raise legitimate questions and concerns about any portion of our business. As a worldwide company, NIKE manufactures products in over 30 countries in approximately 350 factories none of which NIKE owns. From these subcontracted factories, NIKE has helped create jobs for nearly 500,000 people globally. With globally operating manufactures, Nike Company gain more challenges and it more complicated. Nike Company has failed to maintain their oversight on factories that is subcontracted to produce it’s good. Nike became the first in its specific sportswear industry to publish a comprehensive list of its contracting factories in addition to thorough reports on its factory environments, factory pay and persisting factory issues in order to maintain its still-nascent pledge to corporate social responsibility. However, despite these minor change to its business policy, Nike is still claim that the mistreatment in its factories still happen. Specifically, workers claimed that supervisors would throw shoes at them and equate them to dogs. In response, Nike has disclosed that such abuses do indeed still remaining in a handful of its factories, therefore acknowledging

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