Sweatshops In The Third World

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Sweatshops are good for poor nations in the sense that they allow people who have no job at all a chance to earn money. There are many people who rely on the income that these jobs provide for their families to be able to buy food and water and other esstentials to basic living. These jobs may not be ideal, but they are better then other jobs that these poor nations may offer. Using Bangeledesh as an example, 60% of the nation was in poverty before sweatshops moved there in the 1990s. Now that number has been reduced to 30%, which is a big improvement for the population that lives there. (Powerpoint on Global division labor) Krugmen believes that these sweatshops or cheap labor in general are positives for less developed or developing nations because they are better then any alternative these people have. He believes that these apalling conditions in these factories are still better then …show more content…

These sweatshops in the past have led to the deaths of many people due to locked doors and windows and unsafe emergency stairways and buildings. I believe governments and safety insectors should prevent these situations from occuring. The problem is government corruption in these third world country is usually prevelant. 1st world countries can 't fully help these countries if their own governments aren 't willing to put the effort in as well. Until labor laws are enforced more strictly it is very difficult for much progress to get done. The United States used to have these sweatshop conditions in many places most famously new york and these third world countries are following in the footsteps of the United States and other first world countries. They are going to have to follow in the steps of governments and social reforms if they want to solve the problems of sweatshops and that come with them. People shouldn 't be losing their lives working at these factories but change doesn 't happen overnight and it takes the efforts of many citizens around the world to fix these

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