Swot Analysis Of Coke And Pepsi

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2.2.4 Competition Analysis: - The other two major players in this industry are Coca Cola and Cadbury. The Real competition is between Pepsi and Coke. Presence of competition will ensure expansion of the market by collective effort which is growing with the rate of 25% annually. Coca-Cola Products:- Coke was launched in India in Agra 24th October 1993 after its traditional launch of its cola. At the sparking new bottling plants at Mathura near Agra coke was back with a bang after its exit in 1997.coke has also launched its new product” Vio” which is Flavoured milk. Packaging:- CCIL has bottled its cold drink in different sizes and different packaging 200ml , 300ml , 330ml , cans , bottle of 500ml, 1.25l and 2l and 2.25l.…show more content…
With volume of thumbs up being low in the capital, there are likely chances of coca cola slashing the prices of thumbs up to Rs 5 and continue to sell coca cola at same price. Analysts feels that this strategy may help coke since it has two cola brands in comparison to Pepsi which has just one. Price: - Prices are fixed by the industry which turns making it difficult for competitor to compete on the basis of price. The fixed cost structure in carbonated soft drink industry and the intense competition make it very difficult to change or alter the prices. As far as coke is concerned its various expenditures had to incur a little more than Pepsi as paved its way to India in 1989.While coke made a comeback in 1993. Currently a coke bottle 300ml is rs13, 500ml is rs 35, 1.25l is rs 60, and 2.25l is rs 90,350ml is rs

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