Strategic Plan Of Pepsi

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Running Head: PEPSI COLA COMPANY 1 PEPSI COLA COMPANY 16 Strategic Plan of Pepsi Cola Company Jacqueline C. Tuncap American Military University BUSN 620: Strategic Management September 25, 2016 Executive summary This paper analyzing the Pepsi Cola Company, its strategic plan and the products the company provides. The company is known as one of the top competitors in the market. We will go through and try to understand the separate areas within the company that collectively work together towards creating a successful company. We will be going through the company values, identifying how their values and their mission statement coincide with one another. We want to identify what their their mission is, the culture the company promotes, identify their competition, see where and how they are doing financially, etc. I also will be going through their SWOT analysis to give us an idea of how they?re strategic plan flows. We will give you an idea of how their management and leadership decision either cost them or is responsible for the success. At the end of the paper, I will give my conclusion on where I think the company can use improvements or if they need to work on a new plan all together. Overview The Pepsi Cola Company owns several brands. Currently, they own 22, to include Pepsi, Lays and Gatorade. Those three brands collectively generate more than $1

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