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A Strategic Report provides shareholders of the company with information that will enable them to evaluate how the directors have performed their duty to promote the success of the company. A strategic report will always contain information that is material to its shareholders just like an annual report. A strategic reports main objective is to provide an understanding into the company’s business model and its main strategy and objectives. It also provides the users about the risks faced by the company and its impact in the future. The companies past performance is also analysed in the strategic report. Various users like the management, employees, shareholders, creditors, investors and customers use a strategic report internally and externally. …show more content…

According to Tesco’s strategic report, the total sales for the year was 69.7bn and profit was 1.4 bn and Tesco Plc.’s net debt was (8.5 bn), these information will be helpful to some of Tesco’s primary stakeholders like the owners and the investors; as owners, they would want to know the position of the company and also will help them determine any future course of action and Investors want to make sure they can earn a reasonable return on their investment before they commit any financial resources to the company. Tesco plc.’s strategic report also showed the number of employees and the number of shops around the world, which was 517802 and 7812 respectively. Tesco used 6 simple performance indicators instead of the steering wheel method, which they thought was too complex. One of the key performance indicators for Tesco is that Colleagues recommended Tesco as not only the best place to work but also the best place to shop, this is of relevance to employees and customers as 70% recommended as the best place to work and 77% recommended Tesco as the best place to shop. Another key indicator was that Tesco had strong …show more content…

The audit reports are usually used by shareholders, as they would want to check if the money they have invested is put to good use and also to calculate the amount of dividend they would get if the company were doing well. The management and the board of directors as well would use the information to see how well the company is doing and to know if the firm is free from fraud and is assessed properly. The fourth key committee, which helps the board reach targets, is the remuneration committee, which is headed by Deanna Oppenheimer who is the chair of the remuneration

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