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Lowe 's. is an American company that operates a chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores in the North America (United States, Canada), and Mexico. Lowe’s is known for helping their customers improve their homes since it was founded in 1946. They evolved from a small hardware store to a titanic home improvement company responsible for providing customers encouragement and support regardless it be in the store, online, by phone, or at their home or their business. Lowe’s offers more than 50 interior and exterior installation services that constitute of appliances, flooring and blinds; and extended protection plans, repair services, as well as credit financing. In the year 2015, they served approximately 16 million retail/professional customers on a weekly basis, and recorded revenues of $56,223 (millions). …show more content…

These priorities were driving further top line growth that would include using their enhanced sales & operations planning process; further establishing their customer experience design capabilities, and improving significance with the professional customer. Also, in addition to providing the products, they also provide the services, information, as well as advice to help their customers improve their homes, while also transforming from a single-channel, home improvement retailer to an Omni-channel home improvement company. This would allow Lowe’s the ability to sell products from their stores, online, on-site, or through one of our contact centers to fulfill orders in the most suitable way for their

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