Sylvia Plath's Argument About Gender Expectations Of Women

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Sylvia Plath’s idea for male dominance frames Maria Burton Nelson’s argument about gender expectations for women’s sports. Using an anecdote as her title “I won, I’m sorry”; it explains why both Nelson and Plath have somewhat similar arguments. Nelson’s argument is that females are being “attacked” by males while they are playing sports and Plath’s argument is that males should be first in anything and everything. Nelson uses Plath’s quote about her letting the man be first, gets the readers angry, because some modern women do not think like Plath. Sylvia Plath lived in the 1930’s to the 1960’s where putting males first was common. In the 20th century, women were supposed to be the small, weak and beautiful human beings, always depending on the man for strength. Her own …show more content…

Despite being the norm in the 20th century, this drastically changes when the 21st century. Women of all ages started to break out of the old stereotype of wearing makeup and dresses. Girls now can do things like playing male sports and were free to make their own decisions in life. Not many females want to continue the myth of male superiority and always be second in everything (525). Most women today want to get their own jobs, make their own money and do things that males can do. For example, there are now female sports teams like professional soccer and football. The problem is the female sports are still scrutinized by not only the majority of the male viewers and athletes but also other females . Females have to

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