Systematic Racism In Higher Education

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At the beginning of Chapter two in Difference Matters, Allen (2012) states that when she/he saw a picture with Latinos, she/he assumed that they had committed a crime or done something wrong. Allen (2012) said that “my social conditioning had kicked in” (p. 65). According to Tillyer and Engel (2013), social conditioning includes stereotypes or cognitive scripts that differ depending on race/ethnicity, or other characteristics such as gender or age. In high school, I had a math class which consisted of mostly African American males. Most of the males in this class were from a poorer socioeconomic environment than many of the students in the school. During this time the teacher was going through a difficult situation, later the teacher informed us it was a family issue. For whatever …show more content…

For a college, systematic racism will hurt the camaraderie in the school, as an administrator, I always believe that my job is to help prepare students to work in a diverse world. When students are not introduced to other viewpoints and ideologies, the university’s faculty and staff fail to show students how to handle uncomfortable views and work together for the common interest.
When I think about higher education students are still dealing with seeing racist symbols in bathroom stalls, and songs. One example of systematic racism is when African American and other minority students try and join particular student registered organizations. Furthermore, when some African American tried to integrate into historically White fraternities and sororities, they have often been denied with no explanations other than they were just not the “right fit.” In 2015 a fraternity in Oklahoma named Sigma Alpha Epsilon was recorded chanting a highly racist song. In this song, the student stated in not such professional terms that there will

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