Taming Of The Shrew Movie Vs Play

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In Shakespeare’s play, Taming of the Shrew, and in the movie, Ten Things I Hate About You, many similarities and differences can be pointed out. The play has many characteristics that are still happening to this day and will most likely happen in the future. While looking at the characters in the play and in the movie, you will see that society's view of certain people have not changed much. Why is this play, written 423 years ago, still relevant today and will be long into the future? There are some similarities between the movie and the play. One being that most of the main characters have the same attitude and are portrayed the same. In both the movie and the play, where the story takes place is called Padua. Another similarity is that …show more content…

The time of the play was all the way back in 1590-1592 and the movie was taken place in 1999. This is about 407 years later. The scenery in the movie is at high school for the main portion of it, while in the play it takes place mainly at different character’s castles. In the play, Petruchio is played as a greedy man who only wants to marry Katherine to get her father’s goods. In the movie, Patrick (Petruchio in the play) is viewed as the “bad boy” in school, rumored that he had been in prison the year before. Patrick, in the movie, is bribed by Joey Donner (Hortensio/Gremio in the play) to date Katherine so that Joey can take Bianca out. While in the play, Petruchio tries to sway Katherine on his own will. In the play, Lucentio (Cameron in the movie) makes Tranio pretend to be him while Lucentio tutors Bianca. The movie is different in that way because Tranio (Michael Eckman in the movie) just shows the new kid, Cameron, the high school and quickly tells Cameron to not fall for Bianca because she is not on his level basically, but Cameron does not listen to him and still tries to pursue Bianca. A difference between the movie and the play, dealing with Katherine and Petruchio (Patrick in the movie) is that Patrick (Petruchio in the play) in the movie tries to sway Katherine first by showing his emotions, then when she starts to like him, he messes up and then proceeds to therefore embarrass himself by serenading her while she is at soccer practice. Singing over the intercom gets him in trouble and the security guards try and chase him as Patrick (Petruchio) prances and dances around trying to show Katherine that he cares about her. In the play, Petruchio (Patrick in the movie) starts off by practically going clinically insane and is not trying to sway Katherine what so ever and is in fact trying to act more crazy than her so Katherine can, in a sense, get a taste of her own medicine. Lastly,

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