Tangerine Paul Fisher Character Analysis

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The wonderful smell of Golden Dawn tangerines in the air… tainted with the never ending smell of lost friendship, living in the shadows of your brother, and a secrets no one dares to expose. This is the life of Paul Fisher, the main character, in the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor.
Author Edward Bloor is a middle aged man finding new inspiration every day. Primarily writing fiction books gives him a wide variety of ideas. As a child Edward Bloor went to school in Trenton New Jersey, then moved up north to New York for college. Most authors chase after new and original ideas like a six year old chasing after their favorite candy bar, but Edward Bloor seems to have great ideas come crawling to him, begging, and pleading him to use them. Just …show more content…

By remembering the incident, and the dissolute actions of his brother, Paul finally found the unflinching courage to speak about the event. After this flashback came to Paul, he irately demanded answers about why he actually lost his eyesight, and claimed that he wouldn’t actually stare at a solar eclipse for an hour like some kind of idiot, and why his parents did not expose him to the truth. In this moment, Paul found his voice and grew emotionally and mentally as a …show more content…

Although there were no toddlers in Tangerine Erik sure did act like one… a lot. This problem of Erik being a bad brother and just a bad person in general contributed to Paul showing a lot of hatred toward him since they moved to Tangerine. This built up hatred is just like the hatred not only brothers have, but also sisters have in household all around the world. However, Paul’s hatred towards Erik was much stronger than usual siblings. “Just as Joey and I turned around from the table, Erik and Arthur entered the back yard through the gate… Hey check it out. It’s Mohak Man’s brother… The shoes! He was trying to take Mohawk Man’s shoes!... It’s the hair that fooled you. No family resemblance.” From this evidence the reader can infer that Erik is brutally making fun of Paul’s friend, Joey who’s brother recently died because of a lightning strike incident. The lightning left his hair partly burnt off making him look like he had a mohawk. Erik making fun of Joey’s dead brother right in front of his face was not just terrible but inhuman. As you can see Paul's flaming hatred towards his brother Erik is nowhere near short of fuel. Although most sibling fights are not this brutal, “brotherly love” of “play fighting” with one another still happens

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