Tangerine Character Analysis

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Tangerine: it’s not only a citrus fruit, but a county in Florida, a middle school, and the title of an amazing book: Tangerine, written by Edward Bloor. The protagonist Paul Fisher “Eclipse Boy” or “Mars” has to fight through being kicked off the soccer team for being visually impaired, being bullied in school and not only in school, but by the antagonist, his dissolute brother Erik Fisher. He also has to constantly hear about how opinionated his dad is about his brother Erik and the “Erik Fisher Football Dream. In the beginning of the novel the readers can sense character traits that are different between Erik Fisher and Paul Fisher. Erik is very rude, disrespectful, dissolute, sneaky, and egocentric, versus his brother being very kind and caring to others. Erik’s actions of evil traits are ongoing, but definitely more pronounced by his actions after Mike Costello’s death. “I carried my bags of groceries on into the kitchen and set them down. Then I heard a strange sound. It was the sound of voices in the backyard. Happy voices. I looked through the patio door and saw Erik and Arthur. They were laughing. I stepped closer to the doors, and I could hear Erik saying, “Did you see his hair? Did you see the side of his head? He got Mohawked man! I watched them in disbelief. How could they be happy? Then I realized it: they were the two people who will benefit from Mike Costello’s death.” (Bloor 52). This quoted evidence shows that Erik does not care about anything because he

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