Tita Character Analysis

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My first character is Tita, the main character. She was the daughter of Mama Elena and a mulato man. Thought the movie Tita is being raised and nurtured by Necha, the house cook who happens to be a native indian or mulato woman. Since Tita spent most of her life by Necha’s side instead of her mother, she learned the customs of Nechas culture. Tita learned how to cook with native spices and how to use plants for healing, like the tree bark she used on Roberto’s back when he got burned. “Culture is learned, not inherited; it is passed from generation to generation though language and socialization in a process called enculturation,” (Kittler, Sucher, & Nahikian-Nelms, 2017, p.6). Her cultural identity and self-identity was defined by the foods she made, which were influence by Nechas influence in Titas childhood. Tita associated many foods with child hood memories and she thought of them the most when she needed a sense of security . She was acculturation level was Integration because she kept the culture she learned from Nechas cooking and healing practices, but she also made positive relationships with members of the dominant culture …show more content…

This film realistically represents various groups and their individual roles or status in society. For example, Chencha and Necha were both either mulato or some type of Indian because they were not part of the upper social class. They spent time cooking and taking care of the ranch in terms of house keeping. In addition, Chencha and Necha had the typical brown skin, which usually indicated they were of lower class and they occasionally spoke their native language, instead of Spanish. This movie also portrayed European men as people of higher social status who were well groomed, educated and well mannered. An example would be of this would be Dr. Brown the family

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