The Mexican American Culture

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The Mexican American culture accounts for a very large percentage of Americans in the United States. Mexican Americans are known for their strong cultural beliefs as well as their authentic spicy food and tequila! (Jiminez) Over the years, the United States has been strongly influenced by the Mexican American culture. Americans outside of this culture have adopted many of their cultural traditions such as cooking techniques, fashion trends and arts and crafts. The most common religion within their culture is Catholicism, which is also very popular in the United States. (J. Shanchez) The population of Mexican American culture is very profound in America. Whether it is a simple “Hello.” or “Ola.” Or a “Thank you.” or “Gracias.” I encounter verbal …show more content…

(LiveScience) They believe that not all individuals are equal which places them in the High-Powder Distance category. (Lustlig and Koester) Members of this culture who have less powerful positions accept the fact the power is distributed unequally. (Olivia Hernandez) Their culture is highly collectivistic. “Loyalty and respect are two of the most important things to my family.” (M. Sanchez) Being loyal and respectful in the Mexican American culture is paramount and typically outweighs other rules and regulations. (Mexican Americans) Mexican Americans are typically affectionate. Their use of nonverbal communication tends to be somewhat physical. For example, they will often touch your shoulders when speaking to …show more content…

In my opinion, these traits are very important because exerting positive energy and optimism can only help improve tough situations. Although I come from a different cultural background, we have this cultural pattern in common. It is very apparent that they value their intermediate family and extended families more than anything. “You only live once, so it’s important to spend the most time with the people you love.” (N. Sanchez) I too believe it is important to cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones. I found that Mexican Americans are very unique in the sense that they would rather live in the moment than think ahead into the future. I am very grateful to be able to enjoy the amazing food and traditions that the Mexican American culture has brought with them to the United States. The United States would not be the same without

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