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Entry #1

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Entry: I’m Black Beauty. The first place I can remember is the meadow. I grew up right next to my mother as she taught me be to be a respectful, nice colt. She always told me never to bite or kick even in play. As I got older, I began to become very handsome. My coat had grown fine and soft and was shiny black. I had one white foot, and a pretty white star on my forehead. It was time for my breaking in. My master, Squire Gordon, first started with the cold hard steel bit. He put it in my mouth and it was awful. Then came the saddle which was not half as bad. My master was very gentle with me and soon began to ride me until I got used to it. Then the horseshoes, which made my feet feel quite heavy. After that, came the collar. It is heavy and goes just around my neck and a bridle. …show more content…

While the second ostler was cleaning him, a young man with a pipe walked in. The ostler told the young man to go get the hay, and as the man came down from upstairs with the hay he no longer had his pipe. I can’t quite say how long I slept that night or what time of night it was, but I woke up very uncomfortable and could barely breathe. I heard Ginger coughing, and low crackling and snapping. When at last the ostler burst into the stable untying and lead horses out, he was in such a hurry and was so frightened himself that it frightened us even more. We did not move. When I heard James’ voice, he came up to me his voice quiet and cheery as always. He took the scarf off from around his neck and wrapped it around my eyes. Once I was safe if the yard, he slid off the scarf and went back in for Ginger. After Ginger came out, there was a lot of confusion. James came out coughing violently, he could not speak yet. Master led the way to a hotel on the other side, then we heard a dreadful sound. Those poor horses shrieking that were left burning to death. Me and Ginger felt

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