Tangerine Thomas Character Analysis

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On the page 269 Antoine Thomas tells this character Paul the truth shall set you free.Antoine says that because he knows that Paul knows who killed Luis.Because Paul is afraid of his brother Erik and his goon Arthur he won’t snitch on them because he is afraid that they might do something bad to him like they did to Luis.So Paul was living in a prison his whole life because he couldn’t find the courage to stand up for himself. Antoine means by the truth shall set you free is that once you tell the truth that Erik killed Luis Erik will never mess ever again. Body 1 In part 1 is when Paul and his family move to Lake Windsor downs and he goes to a new school and he meets this girl named Kerri and his new best friend Joey. He joins the school soccer team and he meets the captain of the soccer team Gino.He also blocked Gino’s soccer kick and thought that he became the first-string goaltender but then he gets kicked off the soccer team because he needed an IEP .When they got home Erik and Arthur came to the house and they said that Mike Costello was dead because he was leaning on the goal post and the …show more content…

So Paul wanted to go to Tangerine Middle so that he can play on their soccer team.When they get to Tangerine Middle Paul’s mom looks at the kids outside the school and she got scared because they looked like they were thugs. When he went into the front office the lady said that this girl named Theresa will show you around the school and show you to your classes. He asked Theresa to take him to the soccer field so that he can join the soccer team because when he was playing for the for Lake Windsor Middle soccer team he couldn’t play because he had an IEP so he was happy to be there. Because when his mom came to give them his paperwork she didn’t give them the IEP

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