Tangerine Paul Fisher Character Analysis

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Intriguing, inventive, and unusual are some words to describe the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor. This novel is about protagonist, Paul Fisher, who just moved from Houston, Texas, to Tangerine County Florida where he has to deal with natural disasters striking everyday. On top of that he has to withstand his dissolute brother, Erik Fisher, the antagonist at home. He also needs to endure the favoritism portrayed by his father towards Erik and his football dream. In this novel we find out how Paul Fisher last living in this irregular neighborhood. Would you survive living in this erratic town?
Since the beginning of the story, Edward Bloor has depicted Erik Fisher as the self-indulgent, antagonist in the novel. Paul Fisher, the protagonist, is much more caring and kind compared to his immoral and dishonorable brother. Bloor reveals Erik’s dissolute characteristics by showing his actions after Mike Costello’s death.
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For instance (Bloor page 177), “That was when the mosquitos attacked. I looked up into the setting sun. Mosquitos completely filled the air above us, hovering there, skinny, black, and silent. They glided down onto us like tiny, bloodsucking men in parchutes.” This evidence of Bloor’s writing style shows imagery as he describes the mosquitos as, “tiny bloodsucking, men, in parchutes.” He used simile because he uses the word like to relate the mosquitos to the tiny, bloodsucking men. Edward Bloor also uses flashbacks as a way to give us insight on what happened before the family moved to Tangerine that have been effective to the plot. For example, (page 167-168) “Dad was saying, “OK, Erik. Pretend that Paul is in the center of an imaginary clock, and that I am standing here at twelve o’clock position, right behind him. Good. Now move to the eleven o’clock

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