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Confusion, frustration, amusement and amazement all come within the first few scenes of any Tarantino movie. Peter Bogdanovich, a famous filmmaker, called Tarantino “the single most influential director of his time” (Carew, 2017, p.69). Tarantino's first film Reservoir Dogs (1992) is said to be one of the most altering movies of its time because it went against a majority of the cinema norms created during its time(Carew, 2017, p.69). Reservoir Dogs, takes the audience on a whirlwind of emotions throughout the movie and drops them right into the aftermath of a heist gone south. The film never shows the heist itself, only the preparation and catastrophic aftermath (Carew, 2017, p.70). Most stories contain a beginning, middle, and end in that order, but Tarantino must not like following the rules. Right in the beginning, Tarantino starts off in what viewers believe to be the right place, the beginning of the story. However, anyone familiar with Tarantino knows it won’t be in the beginning for very long. Tarantino is quick to …show more content…

Carroll (1992) claims that the violence is too much for any audience (p.1). The actors in the movie are outstanding and play their roles with phenomenal talent, but the amount of gore overshadows their performances (Carroll, 1992, p.1). Carroll (1992) makes a claim saying this movies storyline creates an exciting ride for the viewer, but other than that it serves no purpose (Carroll, 1992, p.1).
In conclusion, Reservoir Dogs provides an eye opening, society altering movie that captivates the audience to look deeper into the movie. It contains many gorey scenes and leaves viewers cheated at the end (Carroll, 1992, p.1). However, the film overall depicts a turning point in our culture and in the industry of filmmaking. Tarantino uses his three trademarks to astonish the audience and keep them guessing, even in the last

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