Target Corporation Mission Statement

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Target Corporation Mission Statement, “We fulfill the needs and fuel the potential of our guests. That means making Expect More. Pay Less brand promise." Target Corporation is one of the largest discount store operators in the United Stated. Target only has operations in the United States. While doing research I found that Target currently operates 1,799 stores and 38 distribution centers in the United States. Target Corporation revenue in 2015 of $72.71 billion. Target has experienced revenue growth in the recent years. Targets review has grown throughout the year and it has made more than Walmart. I personally did not know target was making more than Walmart due to Walmart has lower prices. For a corporation to attain a drastic success, …show more content…

Year after year, Corporation is raising its value among its shareholders that is, its people, customers, society and competitors. They have stepped their foundation in market on the basis of ethnicity, rank and individuals in each country They have stepped their foundation in market on the basis of ethnicity, rank and individuals in each country. To begin a success corporation such as target, they should start with the four functions of management which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning assesses the direction of the project and the tactics that will help accomplish a company’s goals. Most of targets products are manufacture in china. Before launching a new global location it is important to understand the local culture and their habits. Knowing the preferences of their customer allows target to create a management plan that will be effective across multiple different cultures. While target is a well know corporation, the manager who are behind the scene must balance the human recourses aspect and check on inventory to make sure supplies are available for their customer. Technology has made it easy for to ensure the product that is needed by a customer is in place. Using a barcode scanner makes it easier to organize and check the list to make sure the store has all the products within the

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