Pros And Cons Of Transtheoretical Model Of Change

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Task Force Project- Applying Theory Applying any behavioral theory to elevate the behaviors of health has many barriers when developing an intervention. When making decisions in regards to the main goal of the intervention, the target audience need to be kept in mind. There are several theoretical approaches that address the needs of specific behavior that need to be completely changed or modified. Transtheoretical Model of Change and the Social Cognitive Theory are the two theories that are offered for change a unhealthy behavior.
Transtheoretical Model of Change The Transtheoretical Model of behavior change evaluates uniquely on a person’s level for a new and improved healthy lifestyle. The model enables how people modify a problem
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Balancing the pros and cons to make the discussion to change the behavior
Preparation “Ready” Has been taking step towards making behavior changes and making plans to change behavior in the next 30 days . Telling friends and family about the new healthier plan to change can encourage them to achieve their goals. They gather information about the new behavior in order to gain knowledge, consult with a professional, or talk to their physician.
Action Has intentionally changed the behavior for less than 6 months On their way to a healthier life style. Continues encouragement and a strong commitment to the new change can help fight the urge to slip back. This stage is critical to people where most people can relapse to the earlier stages.
Maintenance Has intentionally changed the behavior for more than 6 months Less tempted to relapse, stress can trigger most people to bounce back to old habits. Hanging out with peers who are on the equivalent health journey will further help maintain the new
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By giving small task to successfully accomplish can increase self- efficacy Behavioral competence The level of knowledge and skill a person have in regards to behavior Increase knowledge to change behavior and affects what they do Expectations What a person thinks will happen if he or she makes a behavior change Improving perceptions of the risk by focusing on that situation. Helping youths overcome their fear of changing. Expectancies Whether a person thinks the expected outcomes is good or rewarded Correcting the perceptions of peer norms. Teens are affected by their own perceptions of what others are doing and therefore act on bad behavior. Self- discipline Stay committed to the change Identifying their attitudes, values and beliefs regarding adolescent pregnancy and their behavior to keep on track in the process of making

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