Transtheoretical Model Essay

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Throughout the behavioral change portion of the course, I found the opportunity to explore the role of the transtheoretical model and its practical application to life. Regardless of an individual’s status, one is capable of recognizing this pattern in their own life on both a personal and community wide level. As I was digging deeper into the logistics of the theory, I discovered behavior changes I would like to alter in the future. I will sort through the effective pathway to grasp strategies to implement into my own life. In order to begin this process, one must understand the theory as a whole.
The transtheoretical model uniquely stands out from other ideas in the sense that it incorporates visions from a biopsychosocial perspective. This …show more content…

They have made clear modifications to their way of life and are fighting against a relapse of behavior. While they are not having to make as extensive efforts as in the action stage, this time period is crucial to remain loyal to a changed behavior.
In order to better understand the stages of the transtheoretical model, I will examine a personal behavior I would like to change. This habit is my lack of sleep. On average, I go to bed at 3o’clock in the morning and receive four to six hours of rest each night. This pattern generally results in illness, a decrease in performance, and irritability. My hope is to discover strategies to implement in my life from the model to work towards change.
At the moment, I am in the precontemplation stage. I am not entirely educated on the advantages and consequences of sleep or lack thereof. I do not have concrete plans in place to change within the next six months, but I do have thoughts of possible adjustment. Due to these circumstances, it may be beneficial for me to do my own research on how sleep impacts daily routine. After I have this information, I could keep a personal log of the time spent asleep each night to find a common pattern. Another strategy that could positively influence change could involve a third party. Perhaps I could ask a friend to keep me accountable by asking about my amount of sleep the night

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