Tata Consultancy Services Case Study

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CONTROVERSY BETWEEN EPIC AND TCS Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an Indian IT giant company which provides products and services across industries, while EPIC system is a US based privacy Help Company which deals only with healthcare related products and services. The said case is basically on the charges that Epic Systems levies are straightforward: the company believes that TCS used some of its confidential code to build a rival hospital management system software product called Med Mantra. However, the case revolves less around whether Med Mantra was built with inputs from Epic Systems and more about how one TCS employee allegedly gained unauthorized access to one of Epic Systems’ internal documentation database called UserWeb. UserWeb, according to the court order, “contains product materials, updates, training materials and other documents that detail Epic’s software and its data model.” The lawsuit, however, isn’t as simple as a TCS employee hacking into Epic’s UserWeb. The third party that this case…show more content…
As one report from Kotak Institutional Equities points out: “Several employees of Indian IT companies may be having access to documentation and user-manuals of third-party products used by clients given their involvement in implementation, customisation and testing of such products. Now that Indian IT has embarked upon own platform development, it needs to adequately protect itself in cases where there is a conflict of interest (that is, a company is building in-house platforms that compete with third-party products that it may be implementing/testing for its clients). This calls for strengthening of legal clauses in the contracts with clients/third-party product vendors and internal compliance (especially sharing of access between onsite/offshore team

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