Tea Lab Report

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Red Tea Detox

What is Tea & how it is prepared usually !

Good morning friends I am an Indian and I have been taking Tea since my childhood. My day starts with a full mug of Tea. Like me hundred and thousands of people in India have been and are taking tea every day. It is consumed as a refreshing drink and believed to have mind stimulating effect. It is also very easy to prepare tea at home. Usually, a small container / pot is used for its preparation. Water of around 100 ml or so is boiled. When the water is about to boil, the raw tea as available in departmental stores is added. Approximately one tea spoon full of raw, processed tea granules is used for one cup of tea. Once the water reaches boiling point, the flavor of tea enters the
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He was sitting under a tree with a bowl of hot water when a leaf of the plant accidently dropped in the bowl. When the emperor drank the water he realized that the flavor of water had changed. It tasted better and refreshing. It is said that Tea was consumed during that time with both hot as well as cold water. Chinese traders slowly started sale of Tea to the neighboring area such as India and Japan.

History of Tea in
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As the Tea is a very common and every day drink of most of the people in the world, it has tremendous commercial potential. In absence of any medical proofs of its properties as I have mentioned above, it is difficult to believe the high claims made by companies. Red Tea Detox is a Tea which is Red in colour and was never known to exist either in ancient India or China. The Red Tea Detox programm, if studied minutely reveals that it’s not only the drink. It is a programme to change your life style. It advises change or avoidance of eating or drinking food containing high sugar. It advises regular exercises. It suggests eating of raw and green vegetables. Sauna baths and plenty of sleep. Along with all the above as advises, it the recipe book suggests consumption of Red Tea, which is available only in Africa and is termed as wonder drink. There are no scientific evidence to prove the properties claimed by the Tea. Please exercise caution before consuming the Tea as it would not give the desired results. You may be consuming the tea but would not be in a position to follow the way of life and eating habits as advised. This can result in non-achievement of your

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