Tears In The Forest Short Story

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Author Kwajaffa Danny lives in Nigeria. He holds a Masters equivalent degree (B. ARCH.) In Architecture from A.T.B. University, Bauchi. He is an altruist, a fiction and motivational writer. He writes this novel with the Aristotelian Mimesis praxeos concept and Kafkaesque’s narrative style-it is a unique tale with a contemporary setting with African and western English flavor, which in trickles tickles the mind, provokes and evokes the desire for changes in a society. Also by Kwajaffa Danny A Non-Fiction-Alcohol and a Drug Free Nation: Curtailing the rough edges of health and social life. ISBN: 978-1-62212-155-7 Fiction-Tears in the forest: coming from Sambisa ISBN: waiting TEARS IN THE FOREST COMING FROM SAMBISA…show more content…
It is a paradise in the savannah because of its gifts of nature, mountains, hills, and valleys; all with assortments of vegetations, wild life of rare abundance make Sambisa land. If Alexander the great, the king of Macedonia- who never rode on a horse to the battlefront, but on elephants, were to be in Sambisa, i bet he would not hesitate to choose his favorite elephants of war from the herds in Sambisa forest. Zumji the largest of them all could have been his…show more content…
The sinasir, a white pastry made from rice flour that looks like the manna from heaven, is a delicacy eaten with miyan kuka or when mixed or garnished with sliced vegetables and run over with the man-shanu. The smell of the Man-shanu rose, diffusing indiscriminately by the aid of Brownian molecular motion in the air that enters every room in the house, steering gargantuan appetites in all that inhales it. Sinasir is a typical diet for Bornu people in general and the Kanuri tribe in

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