Teenage Depression: What Cause, And Solutions To Teen Depression

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Teen Depression is a very serious thing, people want to know what causes it, how to help people that have it, and how to detect it. In this research paper, we will learn the symptoms, and how to diagnose it. Most teens ages 10-19 are diagnosed with depression. Most ways to notice it is if the teen has lost interest in things they used to find fun or their moods seem to drop drastically. There is also usually a loss in appetite or gain in appetite, or weight gain or loss. Depression can be caused by a death in the family, death of a friend, or if they were recently broken up with. Depression in teens is harder to detect because their moods are usual in a normal teen’s life. Most teens with depression have an obsession with death, such as suicidal thoughts or actions. Teens with depression have low moods, and no longer do well in school because they can’t focus with all the thoughts in their head telling them to do things they shouldn’t. This eventually becomes a problem because teens will start skipping school, do drugs, or start drinking. When you’re feeling anxious your monkey mind is coming up with a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t do certain things: When you avoid doing lots of things that, in your heart, you really want to do, over time you lose your belief in your ability to do them. You feel helpless and hopeless. Lack of motivation is the defining feature of depression.For example, if you avoid going to parties or other social events due to your social anxiety, you

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