Teenagers Turn To Cosmetic Surgery Summary

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The Cost of Beauty
In Lois M. Collins’ “Teens Turn to Cosmetic Surgery,” it is reported that more teens are depending on cosmetic surgery to meet up with today’s beauty standards. Some motives of cosmetic surgery are bullying and insecurity. For example, a 16-year-old boy, Tony, wanted to get surgery because he was unhappy about his oversized jaw. He didn’t have a medical issue. It was just that he was bullied by his classmates and felt insecure about his appearance. Surgeons such as Dr. Anthony Youn and Dr. Catherine Begovic have stated that “[teenagers] are often not mature enough to make that kind of decision on their own (Deseret News)." Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel supported Dr. Anthony Youn and Dr. Catherine Begovic by explaining that teenagers should be “emotionally able to make those decisions (Deseret News).” Not only are surgeons imputing their opinions, but also psychiatrists. Dr. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist in Florida, stated that “bullying should not be the main reason for cosmetic surgery.”
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In “Teens Turn to cosmetic Surgery,” doctors are encourage cosmetic surgery if the teenager has a legitimate reason. However, in “Does Cosmetic Facial Surgery List Self- Esteem?,” doctors suggest that cosmetic surgery will not improve one’s life. My position is heavily weighed on finance. If a teenager is independently paying for the surgery and emotionally ready, the teenager should have complete decision whether or not to undergo the surgery. However, not all teenagers are able to pay for these cosmetic surgeries. Hence, if the guardian of the teenager is financially committed, then the decision should be discussed between guardian and teenagers. In conclusion, I believe that teenagers should have a serious reason to undergo cosmetic surgery because these surgeries are
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