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One of the reasons that Texas wanted its independence from Mexico was because Mexico failed to provide a system of public education. Texas received its independence from Mexico in 1836 and after being admitted into the Union in 1845, a bill was passed in 1854 establishing public education. A major milestone of public education was the case Brown vs. Board of Education, which ended public segregation in public schools. A major reform that the public education system in Texas has experienced was the Gilmer-Aikin Laws in 1949. “They replaced the elected office of State Superintendent with an appointed administrator, raised teachers ' salaries without regard to sex or race, elevated the role of the state in what had here to fore been a local responsibility, …show more content…

It does not implement things that could actually be beneficial to the students besides in school. Things that are essential and important to know in life for example, learning how to file for taxes or even wilderness survival skills. A current reform that is being discussed about public education is the implementation of small learning communities. A small learning community is a system in which students are placed into small groups that have similar career interests and are then taught the same courses for that are needed to peruse that career. “The learning community is a way in which students can help one another and progress more rapidly” (Booth, Eric A., et al). I support this initiative of small learning communities because I agree with Booth, that placing students into small learning communities will benefit students in the sense that they will be able learn, help, and work together in the courses they will need in order to be successful in their future careers. A positive thing about this idea is that it since they are placed in small groups it will allow students to stay focused on the

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