Persuasive Essay About Texting And Driving

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Recently Researchers discovered that 35% of accident in Canada caused by texting during driving. In this century the texting and driving is a major problem for teenagers and adult, that causes injuries and death. People who are busy managing their social life mostly they had forgotten that they are operating motor vehicles and little distraction can lead them to lose their lives and others. To help solve this major issue we need to descried people why its important to solve and what can have happened if don’t solve this issue. That issue lead us to other question that what is negatively thing effecting teenager and adult to text during drive. In addition, we had to find solution to stop people texting during driving. Diver engaged in texting on cellular phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crashed or near crash even compared with non-distracted drivers. (Virgina tech transportation institute,2010.) …show more content…

In both cases driver is unknown to what is ahead and what is behind. If this issue is not stopped it can be a huge major issue in the upcoming times. In driving school, a small attention is paid towards this and people tend to ignore the fact that they are not only risking there lives but many of those that are innocent and have not been related into this. Speaking of consequences in Saskatchewan alone almost 800 accidents are caused due to impaired digital devices use. Though it is a small number but the its can affect lots of people thinking about texting and driving. University of Albert found “The technological and social phenomenon contributing to one of leading of unintentional death and injuries motor vehicles

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