Texting While Driving Analysis

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A story was writing by Alex Kotlowitz, about two boys and their mother, Lafayette and Pharaoh. Lafayette was ten years old and Pharaoh was seven years old. They were living in a neighborhood in Chicago. The author was asked by a friend to write an essay for a photo, since the author was working as a freelance journalist. The author never met them before, he only saw a photo of Lafayette, and the author explained what Lafayette was wearing such as a Kangol cap was too big for him. The first time the author met them was during the summer 1985. When the author went to meet them for the interview, he didn’t take too long with them because he was writing a short essay. However, the author was unnerved by what he heard of the neighborhood, even …show more content…

Even though, some people understand the dangers of texting while driving, but they are still doing it when they drive their cars. It is one of the most issues we have in the current time of texting while driving. In addition, many people died by accidents on the highways and the roads, and the reason behind that is the texting while diving. Also, the most people who were the victims of texting while driving were young people. About 660,000 U.S. drivers are using the technology while they are driving. There are many problems could make the families loss one or more of their family members. For example, texting while driving, drugs, guns, and gangs. Texting while driving is a really bad habit and a big problem to our society. Many people have been lost by cars accidents, and the main reason was they were texting while they were driving or by other people who were texting while driving on the same road. This issue texting while driving is related to the same results of the story of the book such as, children didn’t get advices from their parents, and there aren’t many guides to show people how it is dangerous texting while driving. There should be awareness of the parents to tell their children texting while driving can cause many things. For example, injuries and death. There must be some punishment of the parents or the government for who use their phone while they are driving, as there is a speed

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