The Awakening And Frederick Douglass Comparison Essay

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The author is the most important individual in creating and directing the story and content of the book. The writer creates the whole purpose and can include any style that he or she would want. Books such as the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and The Awakening represent these with both similarities and differences between each other. The two authors share some similarities in their work, although the differences are more present and are very effective in making a story in their genres. This differences are point of view, writing style and ending, while the goals and chapter are similar between both books.
The many differences are represented in the both books, such as point of view, writing style and ending. The point of view in the story the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is first person. While in The Awakening, Kate Chopin decided to write the story in third person omniscient. All of these decisions were made by the author in order to enhance the stories. The first person in Frederick Douglass’s book is evidence from his constant use of “I” in the book. This is because the story is an autobiography and talks about his …show more content…

The first thing that the two book have in common is a fight for goal. Frederick Douglass explicitly expresses in the autobiography his fight against slavery. The whole book is a personal account of the horrors and wrongs of slavery and his experience with it. This just shows how Frederick’s clear purpose makes it effective as it states facts and experiences. In The Awakening the goal is to fight for equal rights for women. Although it is never said in the story it can be interpreted as that way. As it follows a woman and her fight against social norms. This goal gives the reader an idea to think about throughout the story which happens in both books. It’s effective as by the end of the book usually the reader comes to an understanding of that

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