The Benefits Of Clean Water Importa

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Every human being needs natural resources such as water to support their lives and protect environmental quality. We desperately depend on water for drinking, energy, agriculture and transportation. The need for clean water is considered as continous and unlimited demand. Due to the importance of the need for clean water, it is a common thing if the water sector is addressed as a high priority. From time to time, the water supply and service are getting increased which sometimes imbalance with the service capability. People can not live by consuming the water itself, but needs the services of good environmental system that will required for water sustainability. Some of the main problems faced by society are lack of clean water’s availability, unevenly the service of water supply and adequate water resources that has not been properly utilized. The struggle of water utilization for various uses causing the disappearance of clean water adequate access to some people.
Due to the society demands on high amount of clean water along the time, it is government obligation to create
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It has shown the water crisis example thru the country. In 1997, only forty-two percent of residents had access to piped water, and many these people still relied in part on ground water or bottled water. The rest of the society encounter not only have uneven access to piped water, but water quality itself. Contamination of water often discovered by the groundwater which had significant levels of waste. High pressure losses happened because the system is far from proper sewerage. In poor society, most of the population got their water from ground pumps, which had poor water flow and poor quality. Therefore, poor society was not able to access water that they can afford even their income mostly spent on water. Water service should be enlarged into poor society so they can get affordable and easy access to adequate

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