Water Scarcity Problem

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Every human being needs natural resources such as water to support their lives and protect environmental quality. We desperately depend on water for drinking, energy, agriculture and transportation. The need for clean water is considered as continous and unlimited demand. Due to the importance of the need for clean water, it is a common thing if the water sector is addressed as a high priority. From time to time, the water supply and service are getting increased which sometimes imbalance with the service capability. People can not live by consuming the water itself, but needs the services of good environmental system that will required for water sustainability. Some of the main problems faced by society are lack of clean water’s availability,…show more content…
It is either created by human or nature as global phenomenon. Water consumption has been increased at more than twice of the population. Even there is no holistic water scarcity, the increasing number of areas are desperately needed water resources. There is enough water supply on earth for all people but it has become imbalance because of the unevenly water distribution. Half of the world population lives without adequate water and sanitation. More than one billion people cannot have access to fresh water, while several billion people do not have adequate sanitation services and linked to the death rate from water related infectious…show more content…
Jakarta is the most densely populated city in Indonesia and one of the most densely populated city in the world which brings high demand of water to fulfill people needs. It shows how complex the needs of water with that high population especially there is no balance between water service and water supply, resulting inadequate water quality and causing the negative impact on the survival of its citizens.
In general, the needs of adequate water in Jakarta fulfilled by “PAM” (Indonesian water company) which distribute water to home residents. There are rivers that has been polluted by trash, industrial waste, etc. Therefore, Jakarta’s people mostly use “PAM” in order to get their need for clean water. Even with the existence of “PAM”, it is not fully guaranteed that Jakarta’s water needs can be considered as completely

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