The Benefits Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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World domination. It may simply begin through the depths of an evil scientist, but in reality, standardized tests are the culprit. Standardized Testing: two words that as soon as teachers, their students, and administrators hear this, they fret. The day where all outstanding abilities acquired throughout the year is assessed at once. All this joyful news of how standardized testing supposedly creates miracles of our knowledge, increasing student achievement, may be proven wrong or right, but that is not our deepest concerns. A student’s mental/physical health and future as an authentic learner is most at risk here. No matter how many cries from multiple students are heard, they continue to be silenced. Simply put, all standardized testing should be abolished for they are hurting students both in and out of classrooms. As students we deserve the ability to access authentic learning, however, with standardized testing heavily relied on, students are deprived of this interaction. In order to comprehend the authenticity being compromised, we must first understand, what is authentic learning. Steve Revington, awarded The Prime Minister's Award of Teaching …show more content…

Machines. Can a machine identify one detail that entails innovation or originality? If there is anything compelling to a student’s understanding of the world, it is guaranteed it will not be on a standardized test. Former U.S President Barack Obama said, “Teachers should not be forced to spend the academic year preparing students to fill in bubbles on standardized tests.” Students have only limited time be dedicating their precious minutes for these tests instead of doing something that revolutionizes the world. However, with standardized testing still in place, there is no presence of authentic learning. Without authentic learning students become rote learners like robots trained for the next cue, blindly endangering the bright future ahead of

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