The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In Schools

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Standardized Testing is a great way to see your students growth throughout the years, For these reasons there should not be more testing in schools. these hours) of testing show stress and damage to their education. These test are a waste of time, show distance, create behavior change and may change your social life or future. Standardized testing is way too long and studying for all of these subject(s) can lead to future damage. A student from Aspen says “How she feels rushed in school when covering topics,” I sometimes also feel rushed to cover topics” ( Levey 2). By feeling rushed it can lead to getting the answers incorrect, grades dropping, and may even lead to not getting into a good college ,or even a highschool dropout. In the article, “Testing Times at School: Is there a better way”? It states,“ Less than 10% of students in the consortium drop out of high school versus a 19% high school dropout rate across the city” (Wallace 2). And a lack of sleep can cause your brain to have a lack of focus in school. Studying for a never ending test can lead to stress,not enough sleep,being aggressive and being overwhelmed …show more content…

In the article,”pros and cons of standardized testing it talks about the help and changes of testing”,“It is great to have a common set of data to refer to when making instructional decisions and to monitor student growth from year to year” (ward,2). This may be correct, however, standardized testing causes more hurt than helping, it causes a lack of self esteem, it can cause damage to yourself/future and social life and may even cause behavior change. Because of these causes it can a students life by dropping out of school, not getting into a good college or even depression so next time when you think about testing more think

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