Essay On Get Rid Of Standardized Testing

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Gracie Hensel American Studies Gracie Hensel 21 February 2023 Get Rid of Standardized Testing A 2015 survey by the National Education Association explained that sixty four percent of students in America believe that schools emphasize testing too much. Students feel like their learning is affected by the amount of tests they have to take and prepare for. Standardized testing has many downfalls to it because it is not a predictor for future success, it also only shows which kids are good at test taking and does not measure their progress. Although some might say standardized tests are useful metrics for teacher evaluations, the teachers can not make students do well on a test. Standardized testing has a stigma that if one does not do well on the tests then their future will be at stake and they will probably not do well in life. This is simply not true, taking one moment, one day, one hour of someone's life and making them take a test will not show you how well a student will do in the future. The tests …show more content…

Although this seems like it could be a good argument against getting rid of standardized tests, teachers have no real control if a student does well in a single test. As W. James Popham, PhD, noted, “standardized achievement tests should not be used to determine the effectiveness of a state, a district, a school, or a teacher. There’s almost certain to be a significant mismatch between what’s taught and what’s tested.”(“Why Standardized Tests Don't Measure Educational Quality.”). According to this statement it is clearly stated that the test and what the teacher taught in class do not completely match up. Therefore it is unfair for the teacher to be evaluated by a student's score on a test because there is no control in the situation for

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